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(chapter 2)

Jack frost POV

Once you are completely asleep I notice that I am still holding your hand. I slowly pull away and caress your cheek, you stirred and I froze 'Please don't wake up, she needs sleep' I thought to myself. When you didn't wake up i exhaled a breath i didn't know i was holding and climbed out the window.

I looked up and saw sandy sending out his dream sand but i noticed the only house his sand does not enter is (y/n) house, I start to get really worried. I fly up towards Sandy and ask him why there is no sand entering your house, all sandy does is look confused and then suddenly really worried.

"Sandy what's wrong?!" I practically yell at him but all he does is fly away

"Sandy?!" I look back at your house and see black sand, Oh no...Black sand. I rush back into your room and gently but quickly land on your bed.

"(y/n)!! Please Wake up!" I start shaking you and i notice your face is twisted with sadness and tears running down your cheeks, as if whatever you nightmare is, it's hurting you.

"Wake up!" As i look around the room i see the black sand leaving and your (e/c) fluttering open, and i pull you into a big hug.

"Jack?" You look at me as if you can't believe i'm here.

"(y/n) you were having a nightmare, weren't you?" you nodded and i pull you closer as you grip my sweater.

"What was it about?" She looked at me with those sad eyes again and i couldn't help but feel sorry for you.

"Jack, you died, in my arms..." You pushed your head into my sweater and cried.
I only held you tighter. "Hey, stop crying were gunna have a little fun instead"

Reader's POV

Jack's grin came back as he got off your bed and helped you up.

"What did you have in mind?" you looked up at him and pushed him back a little to see his blue eyes staring into your own (e/c) ones.

Jack walked over and opened up your window and climbed out, Offering you his hand. You slowly walked over to him and took his hand. He smiled.

"Don't worry i wont let you fall" He assured you as he pulled you close and flew up to the sky. You screamed and clung onto him like a child hugging their mothers leg. He chuckled. You start to laugh as he goes higher and higher.

"I know you're a teenager but i have to ask. Do you still believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?"

You looked at him after he asked you that question "Yeah i do still believe" If he was anymore excited he probably would have screamed.

"That's Great! How about we go pay Santa a little visit?" He showed his signature grin at you and you couldn't help but smile back with joy.

"I would love that Jack!"

"Oh heads up, we call him North okay?"

"Sure thing."

Jack pulled out a small round object, it looked like a snow globe but you couldn't be sure what it was. You heard him whisper something into the globe and then he threw it. Your eyes widen with shock as a portal opened up in front of you. You and Jack flew through it and that's when you saw a massive globe in the middle of the room. Jack landed on the floor and gently placed you down too.

"Wow this place it really cool!" You scan the room until a Russian voice interrupted your thoughts and you spin around to face a man with a white beard and two tattoos, one on each arm, one said naughty and the other said nice.

"Well hello Jack, Who is this?" The man asked

"North, this is (y/n)" As Jack introduced you to North, You heard a a roar of a laugh.

"Ah! (y/n) of course I remember you" His smile was really big.

You heard another voice, this one Australian. "Who's the ankle biter?" You turn around and come face to face with a very tall bunny.

"Yo, Kangaroo, This is (y/n)" Jack grinned and the bunny gave him a glare.

"Bunny! I am a Bunny. The Easter bunny. Bunnymunds the name" He held out a paw for you to shake. You shook it.

"nice to meet you Bunnymund, and you too North." You smile at them and turn the scratch bunny behind the ear.

"Oi, That's the spot" His foot started tapping and you hear Jack laughing until he suddenly stopped and looked towards North. They both left the room. You quietly follow and put your ear against the door. You hear Jack say something.

"Pitch is back"
Hey guys well heres chapter 2 please let me know what you think i'm trying to make them a little longer but i don't think it's working ^^;

I would like you guy's to tell me what you would like to read in the next chapter, I already started it but i would still love to hear your ideas ^-^

Jack Frost Belongs To DreamWorks
I wrote the story

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Zeldaloverrrrrrrr Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Wow this is so perferct and that reader looks so like me,im so happy reading this,thank you!
DarksideOfKelsey Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome. Im really glad you like it ^-^
detectivegirl15 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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DarksideOfKelsey Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
haha yes he will lol, Have any ideas for the next chapter?
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